e-Governance in Tiruvannamalai


The Government of Tamil Nadu is highly committed to the use of Information Technology and e-governance to serve the people better and make the Government Departmentís delivery mechanism more efficient and people-friendly so as to match the Internet Technology. The e-governance initiative in Tiruvannamalai District is as follows.


  Land Records Computerisation


Land records information for all 1067 Revenue Villages has been computerised of all 11 Taluks. All land information of villages, A-Registers and Chitta were available in the system. All the six Taluks issuing computerised Patta to the public since 01.07.2003. Touch Screen Kiosks has been installed in Tiruvannamalai, Chengam, Cheyyar and Arni Taluks.

Web Tamil Nilam has been introduced  in Tiruvannamalai District since May 2015. This  will enable citizens to apply and transfer their land patta online through Common Service Centres. This system facilitate  citizens to get Chitta and A-Register copies through online.


  Public Distribution System


Software has been developed to release the allotment order to all the PDS fair price shops on 2nd or 3rd of every month in time. This software helps to prepare shop-wise allotment of Rice, Sugar, Kerosene & other commodities. The Shop / Society / Taluk-wise reports are generated and sending to all PDS shops every month for follow-up action. The software is very much useful for timely allotment and elimination of Bogus Cards.


  Old Age Pension Monitoring System


Since August 2014 onwards our District OAP has been made online. There are around 1,75,000 pensioners in Tiruvannamalai District. The main objectives of Computerisation are 


  1. Disbursement of Pension  through ECS

  2. Generation of List / Schedules to claim bills.

  3. Maintenance of database

  4. Provide online Analytical reports.


All the beneficiaries of OAP will get the Money on their respective Bank Account,  this bills are being cleared by  Treasury and  schedules are being printed by using their unique login in all Taluks by Tahsildars. The same is being disposed on or before 5th of every month.


  Grievance Day and CMCell/MLA-MP Petition Monitoring System


The Collector, Tiruvannamalai is receiving petitions from the public on every Monday. The details regarding each petitions and the course of actions taken on each petitions are managed in the computer through Petition Monitoring System. It helps to monitor easily the progress of action on each petition. The various analytical reports are being generated for weekly review.

The Petitions received from the public at Chief Ministerís special cell, Chennai are transmitted to our District unit through NICNET every month. The replies of the petitions are also being transmitted to CMCELL every month.


  Online SSI Provisional Certificates


Entrepreneurs can get the SSI Certificates through the selected Browsing Centre by MD, District Industries Centre (DIC). They can fill the details about their firm with minimum time through online and can get the Certificates there itself.  Entrepreneurs have been using this facility since 2002.


  Passport Monitoring System


The Passport applications are being received from the public and entered into the computer on daily basis during the working days. The Enquiry reports are being forwarded to the SP Office for Police verification. Passport data are also transmitted to the Regional Passport Office, Chennai through NICNET every day. 


  Regional Transport Office


Vahan and Sarathi are application Software developed for State Transport  Authority, Tamil Nadu. The software developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) performs all activities through computer. Vahan and Sarathi implemented in Tiruvannamalai Regional Transport Office and Arni Unit Office during December 2005.  Vahan is for processing all transactions related to Vehicles and Sarathi is for processing Driving License and related activities. Vahan can be used to issue of Registration Certificate and Permits. Sarathi can be used to issue a Learners License, Permanent Driving License, Conductor License and also Driving School License to the applicant. The Daily status is being updated in online website.




The e-Submission Tender System of Tamil Nadu enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal. e-Tender System enables all tender process through computer with the help Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued to the Department officers and e-Tokens for bidders.



  Information and Facilitation Centre


The Information and Facilitation Centre is functioning at Collectorate, Tiruvannamalai for providing necessary assistance to the public for knowing the Grievance day petition status, all department scheme information details and other general guidance. Also all scheme forms are being available at this centre.


  Taluk Computerisation


All the Taluk offices in Tiruvannamalai District were provided computer under this program. The Major applications in this system are listed as follows:

  Internet Based Information Kiosk


The Internet based Information Kiosks will help the people to minimize their efforts in getting the information about Government Schemes and other information. The Information Kiosks can serve as a gateway to Collectorís office by sending the petitions.  Usually people come from all the way to Collectorís office or Taluk Office to give their Grievance Petitions on every Monday.  This will affect their daily work by losing one day wage, time and conveyance charges.  People can send their petitions using the Information Kiosks to the Collector or Tahsildar as email, even the documents can be scanned and sent along with the application.



  Block Development Offices - IT Booth Web Site


IT Booths at all the 18 blocks enabled with the software, which contains the following information:

  Village Panchayat - NREGA


All 860 Village Panchayat and 10 Special Village Panchayat has been provided with one latest configuration system with RHEL Linux OS, one printer, multi media, web camera, modem and a telephone line for dialup purposes. In a span of period all the applied workers has been issued the ID card by Village President, the database has been maintained in each Village Panchayat. The general information about the worker and the work status has also being maintained in the database. The same data has been updated in the website also.


  Tiruvannamalai District Web Site


Website of Tiruvannamalai District was hosted during the year 2000. The Website contains the details of our District Profile, State and Central Govt. Officers details, District Officers Achievement Details, Tourism Places, Important Places, Important Phone Numbers, E-mail address & etc are available. The Tiruvannamalai District web site is http://www.tiruvannamalai.nic.in.


  EMail Services


Electronic Mail (E-mail) ID's has been provided to all the Departments/Directorates. They are using NICNET / Broad Band facility to send and receive their day-to-day emails in their respective office for their official correspondence.


  DAMA VSAT Video Conferencing


On 22/5/2006 onwards Video Conferencing and SCPC DAMA VSAT Technology started functioning by NIC. Through which One to One and One to Many connectivity can be establish, all these has been controlled by MES, NIC, New Delhi.


  Desktop Video Conferencing


Desktop Video Conferencing is available for the video conferencing to interact with other districts and Officers in Chennai. The connectivity is through ISDN line.


  On-line Web Applications


The data updation is being updated through on-line by using the computers of various Sections in Revenue and other departments:

  Computersation Project in Revenue Department
  Computersation Project in PO DRDA
  Computersation Project in Small Savings
  Computersation Project in Health Department
  Computersation Project in Statistics Department
  Computersation Project in Industries Department
  Computersation Project in ICDS
  Computersation Project in Employment Exchange
  Computersation Project in Co-operative Department
  Computersation Project in District Treasury